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Ultra Grow Ltd.

Ultra Grow Ltd. is a greenhouse operation located on the escarpment in Grimsby, Ontario. The company was incorporated in 1988, and has expanded to 135,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses, utilizing the most modern growing technology.

The company is committed to growing GREEN, i.e., avoidance of chemical pesticides, using solar energy to grow the plants, and recycling of irrigation water. We have a hard-working and reliable full-time staff, supplemented with part-time labour during our busy season.

  The Bougainvillea is our only crop. We do one thing and we do it right. The plants are grown from cuttings made on the premises. The patent varieties have been especially selected for indoors, balconies and patios but they can also be planted in the garden. They are available year-round as a houseplant, and from April until October they can be left outdoors.

Ultra Grow Ltd. is a wholesale operation only, and is not open to the general public.

Our Exotic Bougainvillea's

Grown utilizing the most modern growing technology!

Description – an exotic plant that grows wild in Southern climates, with small, white flowers, surrounded by soft, beautiful-coloured bracts that resemble tissue paper, hence the name “paper flower”.

Variety – we selected the “VERA” collection because of its compact growth, rich flowers, and the ease with which it blooms again, making it an ideal choice for indoor, balcony, and patio use. “VERA” is licensed by Rijn Plant BV in the Netherlands